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Perks Just For Your Supporters

Increase your number of regular monthly supporters by offering them perks they can't say no to.

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Private Server Feature

Subscriber-Only Servers

Offer your subscribers a VIP game server only they can join and become part of an exclusive world 24/7.

The clanme platform manages who can and can't join your game server/s automatically so you don't have to manage any billing or whitelists.

  • Turn a simple $50/month game server into a whole new revenue stream capable of bringing in thousands of dollars per month of subscribers (smaller/larger/mulitple servers possible too).

  • Create content using these private spaces involving your supporters for a whole new interactive experience. Your new content and streams act as an advertisement for this space and pulls even more subscribers in!

Live Streaming Feature

Subscriber Only Streams

Offer private subscriber-only streams within clanme to deliver increased value to your fans.

  • Give your closest fans the ability to see more of you in a space dedicated to them only. Interaction between you and the other close fans will create a sense of community that will keep them supporting monthly.

  • Share your latest updates with your supporters before the rest of the world hears and tease non-subscribers that they are missing out to increase subscriptions.

Custom Content Icon

Customized Digital Products

Sell custom content and services to your clanme subscribers.

  • Take bookings for one-on-one gaming sessions where you drop in and play with a fan - brand it as something just for fun or part of a training session to pass on your knowledge of a game.

  • You could even sell a customized message to a subscriber, wishing them happy birthday.

How Does It Work?

How much setup will it take to get from nothing to paying subscribers?

Create Profile

Join, create your profile and begin adding updates and interesting content to your page.

Connect Game Server

Hook up your game server/s to our platform (takes minutes) so they can talk - no mods required!

Promote To Audience

Let your audience know about your new clanme account and what they can get for supporting you.


Beta Tester Benefits

As a beta tester we want to work closely with you and reward your trust in us. Your feedback during these later stages of development will help shape the platform and for that we offer you:

  • Dedicated email support for getting started and running your account & server/s
  • Free advertising & remarketing of your profile to increase your subscriber count (paid for and managed by us)
  • Promoted more often on home page, categories and other sections of the site
  • Faster implementation of the features you want in order to grow your revenue on the platform

We know that clanme is going to be a huge success and as a gaming content creator you will benefit massively from it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about clanme and what it will offer?

Who can use clan.me?

clan.me is designed to allow gaming content creators (typically streamers and gaming influencers) to be supported by their followers.

Does clan.me contain adult content?

clan.me does not allow adult content such as pornography but may contain references to violence, gore and bad language depending on the games played by a content creator.

How much does it cost to join clan.me?

clan.me is free to join for both creators and supporters. Supporting individual content creators will most likely require a subscription unless they have set their profile to "free".

When is clan.me going live?

clan.me is due to go live in early 2023. If you are reading these FAQs then it is currently late in the development of the platform.

Have a question? Reach out to us: a@clan.me

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