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Add Server

We would love to add your Minecraft server to

Simply follow the instructions below and submit the required information using the form further down.

If you already have SquareMap installed and setup then you don’t need to follow these instructions – skip to the end of this page.

NOTE: Using a domain that your game server host provides instead of an IP address will help loads – it allows you to use ports for communication that would be otherwise locked.

Required Plugins

  • SquareMap – for the live map functionality
  • Chunky (optional) – to pre-render the map (if the map is new and not yet created)

Install all of the above plugins using the JAR files.

Plugin Setup

After you have added the 3 (or 4) plugins mentioned above and then restarted your server they should all spring into life.

1. SquareMap

Set this plugin up according to the instructions on the GitHub. Once you have the map working on a public URL (you can see it in a web browser – save this URL) then you are ready to move onto the next plugin.

If your game server host provides the means to you may want to try creating a custom domain (Bisect Hosting allows you to) for your server. With a custom domain you can then use ports – without this your host may set your server up on an IP:Port address, not allowing you to use ports (needed for the web server bits).

2. Chunky (optional)

You will need to install Chunky on your server if it is new. This plugin pre-renders your map before visitors join. Without it you won’t have a map until players who join your server start moving about triggering new “chunks” to be created, forming your world for the first time.

Installation is easy and running the plugin once installed is the case of running just two commands in the console.


We cache the requests to your server on our end – this means that your server will only experience the equivalent resource usage of just one person using SquareMap at one time.

Submitting Your Server

With the required plugins now installed, you should have the required information needed to add your server to

Submit them using this form and we will get back to you: